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Gifted and Talented

Spring Update


In the Spring term, Oxford based company Elevate Education, delivered a one off seminar to gifted students at KS4 and KS5. The seminar, entitled “Ace your Exams” was aimed at helping students prepare for their all important GCSE and A-level examinations in the summer. The seminar was certainly useful and pitched at the right level for the students. It was clear from the student feedback that they felt that the speaker, James Righetti, was a  friendly, charismatic and motivational speaker who was able to share a wealth of ideas. Students left the session with a view to starting revision early and completing as many past papers before the exam as possible. Initially at the students own pace and then setting stricter and stricter deadlines. It was emphasised how important it was to get these past papers marked and to go over mistakes carefully in order not to repeat them.




The Summer term 2012-13 ended on a high, with RES boasting fantastic results at both GCSE and A-level, bucking the slightly disappointing trend seen nationally. At GCSE level, the number of students gaining the very top grades of A*/A increased this year to 14% with 18 students gaining 8 or more A/A* grades. The students named were: Sarah Alli, Louise Abbott, Kane Brooker, Vanisha Bhagwandas, Kirsty Harris, Suzannah Harfleet, Kashif Ismael, Jasmin Jelley, Lily Kilgour-Miller, Grace Kilgour-Miller, Hayleigh Kay, Florence Lewsey, Daniel Leach-Walton, Rodrigo Paniagua Cruz, Jacob Oughton, Benjamin Shelley, Lauren Spencer and Martin Thomas. A huge well done to all of these students!


It was a similar story at A-level, where we saw 5% increase in the number of A*/A grades from last year. There were many individual successes including Charlotte Percival who attained two A* grades, one A and a further B grade despite being already accepted onto her Art based Foundation course. Another high achiever was Jamie Gray, who as well as being one of the Chairs of the Sixth Form Council, managed to gain straight A grades enabling him to take up his place at Newcastle University to study Accounting and Mathematics. At AS-level in each of their 4 subjects, both Jagruti Gohil and Ryun-Shub Kim succeeded in getting straight A’s!


The summer term also saw gifted KS3 students pay a visit to the wonderful Science Museum. On Tuesday 16th July, Mr Caswell, Miss Throgmorton and Mrs Scannella took a group of 29 students up to London where they were able to discover some of the diversely engaging exhibitions including some interactive areas which were hard to pull the students away from. Year 9 students had the benefit of travelling with Science teacher Miss Throgmorton who was able contextualise many of the exhibits and relate the learning back to what students have studied in the classroom.


Talented artists taking part in after school Art club have been tirelessly working on a large tonal drawing based on the work of artist Sol le Witt. The drawing was originally started on the “Collapsed Skills” day in November and we are pleased to announce that it is finally complete and looks fantastic! Well done everyone who took part! The work will be going on display in the Maths Department corridor at the start of October.


Well done on a fantastic year everyone! Best of luck for 2013-14…..


Gifted and Talented

At Rydens School we work hard to make sure that every child is given an education that is relevant to their needs. Offering personalised learning that suites their individual learning styles and abilities. Gifted and talented work is targeted at the top 5-10% of pupils, regardless of the ability/profile of the pupils at the school.

Gifted refers to aptitude in academic subjects whereas talented refers to an aptitude in creative/ expressive arts (including drama and music) or sport.

Students are identified as gifted students by the use of data from students KS2 and Year 7 Midysis tests. They can also be put forward to go onto the generic G&T list by four or more teacher recommendations.  The nomination of talented students rests largely on the judgement of the relevant Head of Department as to how well the student meets the subject specific criteria.

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