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Vertical Tutoring

2-3 Tutors

2-3 Year 12 Peer Tutors

20-25 Students from Year 7 - 11

Creating Tutor groups with pupils of different ages may seem unnatural, but they improve relationships and prepare them for the working world. Vertical Tutoring changes the way tutor groups are organized. Older students are trained to be leaders and mentors of younger students creating positive cross-age relationships and a very different atmosphere in tutor time. Younger students are nurtured and supported, older students gain valuable skills and experience that will support them in their learning and future careers.


Why is Vertical Tutoring successful:

• Strong learning relationships across the tutor group
• A time to reflect and discuss the learning in school
• Students as role models for each other- learning mentors, coaching, supporting
• Every one knows each other well
• Parents involved at key points
• A time of fun and engagement in RES
• Allows staff to work with students on homework using the online homework diary


House System:

We are proud of our House system and students and parents tell us that it contributes hugely to the positive experience students have at RES. Within each of the four Houses there is a spirit of community and all students experience the sense of belonging. Form Tutors are the focal point of contact between parents and the school. Their role is to know your child and monitor their academic and social progress. Heads of House lead their team of Tutors and develop high standards of attendance, behaviour, participation and achievement within their House. The House system provides further opportunities for taking on responsibility such as Prefects, House Captains, and Year 10 Mentors for new Year 7 students. Taking on such roles allows opportunities for leadership and all provide service for the community.

Healthy competition between the Houses encourages students to succeed, not only for themselves, but for their House. House points, awarded to students for academic effort and success, count annually towards a House Cup. Competitions in Drama, Sport, Music and Enterprise Days, and a variety of other activities, provide part of our impressive extra curricular provision. We believe that effective communication between school and home is vital to a student’s success. To this end every student has their own school planner. Parents are encouraged to make notes in it, check rewards and homework and Tutors and parents sign them weekly.




Our Houses


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