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The Curriculum:

At RES we aim to deliver a broad, balanced, high quality curriculum that provides a stimulating and demanding education for all students. On entry into Key Stage 3 at the age of 11+, students are divided into two populations, of equal size and representing the full ability range. We feel that it is important for young people to have time to settle in to their new environment before setting decisions are made. For this reason, ability setting in some subjects will be introduced gradually, as it is also our belief that subjects should have the facility to set students according to their own subject criteria.

As students’ progress through the school more curriculum areas will place students into sets according to ability to ensure that the teaching level and pace of work is appropriate to individual students’ needs.

A personalised experience is hugely important to us at RES, both in terms of engagement and offering an appropriate level of challenge for all of our students. Teachers ensure that the learning needs of all students are met within lessons, with provision made to extend and challenge the most able. Where appropriate, students may also receive additional support from the Head of Inclusion, Learning Partners or specialist support teachers.

Within each subject, detailed schemes of work have been developed and a wide variety of teaching styles are employed to deliver the curriculum effectively and to generate interest and enthusiasm among students.

In years 7-9 students receive a wide range of subjects with a strong focus on the core of Maths, Science and English, supported by ICT, PE and the Aware Programme.

In Key Stage 4 students follow courses leading to GCSE or equivalent qualifications. In pursuit of an individualised learning programme for all students, we aim to provide a flexible curriculum which allows them to vary the number and type of qualifications they follow. In addition to more traditional courses leading to GCSE qualifications, some students mix vocational courses with their GCSE choices. Students have access to choices which allow them to gain the suite of subjects that make up the English Baccalaureate.

In the Sixth from there are a wide range of options. Lesson allocation is matched to the student’s choice of subject. Further details can be found in the Sixth from prospectus and the Sixth form Courses area on the site.

British Values:

RES is fully compliant with the requirement of the DFE that we promote British values. These values are defined as:

• Democracy
• The rule of Law
• Individual liberty
• Mutual respect
• Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs

Students are encouraged to respect others. This is embedded in our 4 whole school classroom values consisting of: one voice, respect, ready to learn and on task. British values are embedded into the curriculum and in everything we do (SMSC) and can primarily be seen within; Assemblies, Religious Studies, History and the skills curriculum.

PSHE will be fully embedded into our new aware curriculum at KS3. This focuses on personal development, welfare, well being and values as well as awareness and involvement in the school community and wider world.

Targets: Now Minimum Expected Grades

Minimum Expected Grade: Each student is assigned a Minimum Expected Grade based on benchmarks that are supplied by Fischer Family Trust (FFT). FFT is the organisation that co-ordinates and processes all Key Stage 2 data for the Department For Education (DFE), they use this data and GSCE results collected over a number of years to map the most likely grades for each child in a range of subjects. There is nothing to limit or stop a student from exceeding these grades. Students with a Progress grade that matches the Minimum Expected Grade are making good progress.

More information about FFT can be found by following this link: Fischer Family Trust (FFT)

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