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RES Apprentice 2017 Round 2

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 2

IBM Emerging Technology Centre, Hursley

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

On Friday 18th the 12 remaining students visited IBM’s Emerging Technology Centre in Hursley, Hampshire to face the 2nd round of this competition.

Welcomed by Paul Archer, Big Data Business Development Manager, students were given a tour of the Emerging Technologies Lab and showed some of the latest technologies that IBM were working on. In the Internet of Things Centre, students looked at lots of gadgets and devices and what they did, which would give them lots of information and ideas to start their task. Students were also introduced to Watson Analytics which students found out is a smart data discovery service available on the cloud. Students were then given The Task and working in their teams they started discussing their ideas.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

The Task

Having been shown a range of the emerging technologies that IBM are currently working on as well as some that are already in place in shops and homes students task today was to come up with and then present an alternative potential market or selection of businesses that one of these technologies could then be sold to and ultimately stand the best chance of success. Students were to be judged on a number of key areas so their presentations would have to be clear in their explanations. They would need to consider how good the idea is, how realistic it was in relation to the market, if there is a potential for it and how well they would sell their idea to the judges.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

On Monday 21st Paul Archer returned to RES to judge the students in their teams.

Team 1:  Saqlain Ahmed, Dani De Freitas, Samuel Maton & Hayden Wood (not present)
Team 2:  Daniel Herbert, Jacob Levy Davies, Joe Rolfe & Oscar Rolfe
Team 3:  Rosie Chapman, Adam Lamont, Jack Saunders, Joe Taylor (not present)

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

Team 1’s idea was Jersey Beats which was targeted towards the football premier league and meant using a sensor placed inside the name badge of the player’s shirt to monitor heart rate, muscle fatigue and dehydration. This would be monitored via an app on the manager or coaches phone or tablet.

Team 2’s idea was Virtual Reality Surgery using one of the gadgets they had seen in the Technologies lab, and a heart sensor using the Accelerometer aimed at the NHS. The team had researched well and produced lots of facts and figures to back up their idea.

Team 3’s idea was Sensors for Fires which using heat sensors would see a sensor light system in homes, businesses or schools that lit up indifferent colours when certain smoke was detected enabling people to escape from the fire quicker. This would be linked to the fire department helping to save more lives.

Paul questioned all teams during their presentations and then deliberated over which two teams would go through to the next round. Taking into account the teams innovation, their business application, the business reach and their overall presentation Paul chose Teams 2 & 3 to go through with Team 1 being ‘fired. We say goodbye to Saqlain, Dani, Samuel & Hayden and well done to the remaining 8 students that go on to the 3rd round at The Bingham Hotel in Richmond on Monday 5th December.

For information about being involved with The RES Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Year 11 Big Interview Day
Thursday, 20 October 2016 00:00

Year 11 Big Interview Day

Rydens Enterprise School RES Big Interview Day 2016

On Thursday 20th October volunteers from our local business community and beyond came to RES to support our Year 11 Big Interview Day.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Big Interview Day 2016

As an Enterprise School we are committed to preparing students in the best way possible for their future working lives and at the end of Year 10 students took part in workshops to produce their own CV and writing a covering letter for a job that have an interest in for when they leave school. These are the documents that would form the basis of the interview today with their interviewer.

27 volunteers arrived at RES from a range of different businesses to start the task of interviewing around 200 students in one morning! We had an amazing response this year from the following companies ~

RES Big Interview Day Company Logos

Without such support this day would not be possible so we are enormously grateful for all that took time out of their valuable working day to help our students.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Big Interview Day 2016

Students spent time with their interviewer discussing the job role, their qualities and the job they had applied for whilst the interviewer asked them many different questions which they may face in a real interview situation. This experience of applying for a job and having an interview will be in some cases the first time some of our students have had a real-life interview. The students were given feedback from the interviewer which they can use along with interview skills to take forward with them and use when they find themselves in a real life interview situation either for a job or a college place. All students also received a Certificate signed by their interviewer to confirm their attendance of the day.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Big Interview Day 2016

If anyone is interested in volunteering in next year’s Big Interview Day please contact Sarah Maton ~ Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on 01932 242994 x361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 1
Thursday, 13 October 2016 00:00

RES Apprentice 2017 Round 1

BP International Centre for Business & Technology

Fifteen, Year 12 students from RES started out on their journey to be crowned the next RES Apprentice winner.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

This competition sees students face 4 gruelling rounds working in groups, pairs and then individually throughout the competition. Following a series of eliminations at each round the remaining 4 go through to face an individually based task, these will be presented at the Grand Final in February 2017. The tasks in the competition are all business related and set by our local business contacts who have kindly offered to sponsor each of the rounds. Throughout the competition students are encouraged to be entrepreneurial, articulate, committed and confident and need to impress.

Supported by BP we headed to their site in Sunbury on Thames for the 1st round of this competition. Welcomed by Saul Moorhouse, students were given an informative tour of their Upstream Engineering Centre before being lead to the training room for the day which would become their base to work on the task set to them.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

The Task

In the Retail Fuel market, differentiation is challenging. Consumers generally buy fuel on either a cost of location (convenience) basis. Whilst the quality of their fuel remains essential, BP also need to demonstrate differentiation to their consumers when it comes to their forecourt offers.

BP Retail wanted to address these frustrations and provide their customers with a more positive customer experience when using a BP forecourt.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

Students worked in groups of 3 and they were tasked with developing and presenting a compelling offer that they believed will enable BP Retail to provide a differentiated experience to their consumers, one that drivers would preferentially choose to buy their fuel from a BP forecourt. They were to deliver their concept to a small team of Senior Level Leaders who were to make up the judging panel. The student teams were;

Team 1Jack Saunders, Dani De Freitas & Rosie Chapman
Team 2Joe Taylor, Hayden WoodJacob Levy Davies
Team 3Saqlain Ahmed, Adam Lamont & Joe Rolfe
Team 4Max Hirst, Charlie Lees & Lana Robinson
Team 5Samuel Maton, Oscar Rolfe  & Daniel Herbert

Each team watched each other's presentations which ranged from Fast fuel light up pumps to show you which lane is free, pay stations at each pump, rewards initiatives and triple points ideas, pre-order shop and petrol idea with your order being ready to collect when you arrive. Each idea that the teams came up with was well delivered and explained by the team members. They had researched the feasibility of their ideas and answered questions fired to them at the end of the process.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

The judges gave feedback to each team and put 4 teams through with one team being fired.

The teams going through were:

Team 1, Team 2, Team 3 & Team 5. We say goodbye to Team 4: Max, Charlie and Lana.

Rydens Enterprise School RES Apprentice 2017

A huge well done to all students who put themselves forward to take part in this competition and good luck to those going through to the next round which will take place on the 18th November at IBM’s Emerging Technology Centre at Hursley, Hampshire.

Round 3 will be on the 8th December at The Bingham Hotel, Richmond.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton - Deputy Head of Claremont House and Business & Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 X361 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

RES Apprentice 2016 Final
Friday, 11 March 2016 00:00

The RES Apprentice 2016

The Final - Friday 11th March

The 4 Apprentice finalists, their parents, staff, invited guests joined together at The Enterprise Suite at RES on Friday 11th March for the long awaited Final of The RES Apprentice competition.

The competition which is now in its 11th year saw 12, Year 12 students start this competition back in October 2015 with the first round being hosted and the task set by Hugh Bourne of BP at their premises in Sunbury on Thames. Subsequent rounds took place at IBM’s emerging technology centre in Hursley, Hampshire and at the beautiful riverside Bingham Hotel in Richmond upon Thames.

Throughout the competition students took part in group and paired activities and students were fired along the way, which left 4 students to face the Final and to see who would win the coveted title of The RES Apprentice 2016. Our Finalists today are Alexander Drummond, Thomas Blunden, Hamzah Rasheed and Liam Sewell.

The judges for the day were ~
Hugh Bourne – BP, Advisor – Scale Prediction and Control Upstream Engineering Centre
Paul Archer – IBM Big Data Business Development Manager
Erick Kervaon – General Manager – The Bingham Hotel, Richmond
Nikki Shephard – RES Principal

Guests who were in attendance to see our students perform included the Mayor of Elmbridge Cllr Jan Fuller and Consort John Caton, Head of Sixth Form Bob Hope and Deputy Head of Sixth Form Mrs Natasha Blackiston. We were also so grateful to see so many of our business sponsors, RES invigilators, parents and Apprentice Winner 2015 Will Whitmore who had come back today to hand over the trophy and to let us know what he has been doing since winning the title last year.

Students had been set the final task a few weeks before the Final so they had time to prepare before presenting to the Judges today ~

“The task was to come up with an everyday household item, problem or issue and show how they would solve, improve it or design something to help with the problem or issue,  Their idea did not have to be groundbreaking as often the smallest of changes make the biggest impact such as left handed scissors or a remote control”

Throughout the competition students were encouraged to be entrepreneurial, articulate, committed and confident and were expected to discuss why they chose their idea, what problems and issues they had faced along the way and how they overcame them and also to show examples of their work. They were judged on their ideas and innovation, the success of their idea and the communication and resources they used to promote their idea.

First up to present was Alex Drummond and his idea of the ‘No Brainer Strainer’ which Alex was hoping he could partner with a leading tea or biscuit manufacturer. Alex had researched that over 65 million cups of tea are consumed daily with each person dunking a biscuit 107 times a year. The gadget Alex felt would revolutionalise tea drinkers was his idea which would catch unwanted crumbs falling in your tea, was act as a tea infuser and a water purifier. Alex presented clearly and articulately and had answers for the questions posed to him by the intrigued judges. Unfortunately Alex’s idea seemed a little cumbersome and made it awkward to drink the tea with the strainer still in place.

Second up was Thomas Blunden with his invention of the ‘Hot Pot’ - Tom felt that there was a gap in the market for his idea. Built and designed very similar to a flask, this could be used in Hospitals, Care Homes and with the elderly living at home. This would also be great for holiday goers / campers for keeping food hot. You can heat up any type of meal in the ‘Hot Pot’. Tom was articulate and presented his design very well with great drawings. The judges, however felt that the idea was a little cumbersome and would be too big to carry around when out.

Next was Hamzah Rasheed with his idea of the ‘Eco Wash’. Hamzah discovered that the Dishwasher was the most expensive piece of Kitchen equipment, averaging at a cost of 27 pence for 1 hour (just electricity), using 1800 Watts of electricity for a 2 hour cycle, 54p for one cycle of a dishwasher, used around 2-3 times per day calculates to over £500 a year! Hamzah researched that water is a much cheaper resource, It’s renewable and it’s much more Eco-Friendly.

Hamzah’s idea of Eco Wash, using NO ELECTRICITY but instead – Hydroelectric Power (Renewable resource). Pressured water turns a turbine to turn a generator to generate electricity. This water will then help to clean the dishes afterwards and the water will be used in a continuous cycle, keeping costs down. Hamzah had certainly done his research and put an interesting, well planned presentation together. The judges felt however that his idea, although good would not be a viable product.

Finally it was the turn of Liam Sewell to try to sell the audience and judges his invention of the‘desktop’.

Liams idea of a desk which incorporated the PC, USB ports, monitor plugs, optional graphics tablet to name a few was  a revelation and got the interest of all the judges and audience. Current PC problems of over heating, limited space as cases become too big and cost  seemed to be solved in Liam’s invention whilst still acting and looking like a standard ‘desk’. Liam had drawn up some plans of what his idea would look like which appealed to lots of people and certainly would prove to be very popular. A great idea and a great presentation.

During a short break, judges had the opportunity to discuss each finalist and deliberate as to who would be crowned The RES Apprentice Winner 2016.

4 very nervous finalists came back to find out the results. Each student was given feedback from the judges and in reverse order places were announced ~

Runners up ~ Alex Drummond & Tom Sewell
2nd place ~ Hamzah Rasheed
1st Place ~ Liam Sewell

A very deserving winner and a young entrepreneur in the making!

Congratulations to all the finalists today for all their hard work throughout this competition and to making it through to today’s final.

Prizes and trophies were handed out by Mayor Cllr Jan Fuller. A special prize of a ‘A meal for 2 at The Bingham Hotel’s’ was also offered by Erick Kervaon.

Thank you to everyone for attending this exciting Final and with special thanks to all business partners for their continued support, especially Erick from The Bingham Hotel , Paul from IBM and Hugh from BP for hosting a round and returning to judge today.

For information about being involved with The Apprentice Competition please contact Sarah Maton-Deputy Head of Claremont House and Enterprise Co-ordinator on either 01932 242994 x361/x344 or email This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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